Fixture Editor > Virtual Strobe

I’m trying to find a way to use the strobe parameter on a fixture thas has only RGBW parameters (Lucenti Blackwaves). I’ve tried to add a STROBE parameter on a RGBW fixture in the fixture editor, with ‘none’ as Type of DMX Channel. But it doesn’t save the parameter if there is no channel on it.
Do you know if there is a way to create a virtual Strobe parameter on one fixture with Vista ?

I’d like to avoid to use the FX editor to create a Strobe.

Many thanks for your answers.

You would have to just create an intensity effect, but you’re limited by the dmx data rate in terms of speed.

It isn’t possible to add a parameter if the fixture does not have one. The channels defined in the fixture profile are based on the DMX channels of the fixture itself. If the fixture doesn’t have a strobe channel then there is nothing Vista can do about it. You will have to either see if the fixture has a DMX mode with a strobe channel or use an effect.