Vista 2 New Fixture

I intend to try to upgrade to V3 in January. I’m waiting because of the risk of breaking something just before Christmas special services, so I’m stuck with the V2 library. My music director has just ordered some new Chauvet DJ H1 battery operated RGBAW spotlights which aren’t in my V2 fixture library (of course). I only need a minimum of functions and I was wondering if there was a comparable fixture in the V2 library so I don’t have to figure out how to make one just for the H1s. I only need 6 channels 1=R, 2=G, 3=B, 4=A, 5=W, 6=Ultraviolet, and I don’t plan on using A, W, or UV.

This profile is very easy to make yourself
In the library there’s a " colordash Batten hex 8 6 Channel"

Thanks. I tried that, but on my color chooser RGB, there isn’t a slider for W, A, or uV.

You need to adjust the “Custom DMX” channels (the square boxes in the “color” feature tab.

You can click and drag the values with a mouse, or of course type in values numerically.

The graphical sliders you were looking at before are just a way to manipulate the color picker.
Vista 2 does not include UV when you choose a color in the picker. Vista 3 does.

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Thank you Jack. I found a generic fixture that fit the needs of the new lights I just received. They use DMX addressing through Chauvet’s D1 wireless interface which isn’t an issue. The fixtures can be programmed with a DMX address and act as if they were wired.