Naming Cue Lists

I regularly create cue lists and pretty much live in the fixture chooser view. It would be useful if there was a way to rename a new cue list while still in the fixture chooser view. Either making the cue list tab directly editable OR asking for a name of a newly created cue list, instead of it defaulting to “new list.”

This would make my programming process a lot more streamlined, by allowing me to “stay in the zone” of the fixture chooser view and not having to switch over to Playback, scroll down, and rename the cue list.

I dock a multi-quick picker window @ the bottom of the screen and have Cuelists as one of the windows. Sort of an answer perhaps?

You can also use the command line in V3.

LW2 [enter}

this would label/rename list 2.

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That’s a handy tip. Thanks!