On screen toggle

Would it be possible to have an option for toggle play and release for cue lists on screen ?

I know you can have the option for touch to play and hold green and touch to release but could there be an option for simply play and release on select and de-select ?

At the moment I’m using commands in lists to do this toggle on screen so if implemented I could have this function as standard and save time and have less lists in the desk

Along with this it would be nice to have custom icons that you can import that change when toggled on and off

Another related idea would be to have every cue in a list come up as icons in a picker to jump around the list at will and release too, I already do this with a command Qs for my fx by type lists for busking and it’s super powerful as i can fire any fx from any list and have release by type and release to on state or off state etc but its time consuming to set up, and you end up with 100s of command lists

I hope all this makes sence ?

+1 this is a great idea

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