Error -4 on windows machine w/ UD512

New Vista install for a school today where we’d recently installed new dimmers, DMX wall panels, etc…

UD512 cable w/ a dongle.

I’d used their cable/dongle on my MBP running V3.19088 with no problems.

Their computers are Windows and school managed so maybe there’s a problem with that. Took a long time to download so we did the training on my Mac and then put the files on their laptop.

The Vista install seemed fine but when we went to run it there’s an error block that pops up: “Cannot open UD512 device (error -4) Please contact Vista technical support”.

I couldn’t do much @ the school due to time constraints but need to know what to do to rectify this.

Oh - when I first loaded Vista and plugged the UD512 in it did a firmware upgrade on the UD512 so it saw it…then when restarted it had this error.

Hi…If the UD512 is still not working goto the device manager in Windows and identify the driver that has been assigned.USB Serial Convertor If the device shows up in the device manager as a USB Serial Convert or as illustrated below follow the instructions above to update it.

instructions “above” where?

It’s ended up working for them since one @ least one computer consistently btw