Ud512 usb to dmx dongle

Hey so im looking into purchasing the ud512 next week to use with my mac… Is purchasing this enough to have 512 channels and capable of using the full jvista program? Or do i need to purchase a dongle or access code?

  • thanks!

You’ll also need a dongle - can be the 512 if your universe is full or could be one of the smaller ones.

this means 2 USB ports as well, of course

Appreciate it avanveld. I planned on having 1024 total so the dongle and a 512 would do me proud. Its been 6 years since ive messed with jands vista. Electrical field called my name so. Being capable of doing both makes me happier.

Just know that unless you also run ArtNet or SACN you’ll not be able to reap the benefits of the second 512 on the dongle because the USB512 really is only a single universe gadget.

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Thank you for the info. Been out of the gane way too long. Haha.