UD512 cable not working with SW 2.3.17736

first question;
We are currently doing a project wit 26 Big Lite Movingheads (3000 W Xenon) in as many villages in the Netherlands. All beams center to one point above the land. Teamviewer allows central control of all systems. Big Lite is controlled by a laptop with Vista 2.3 V 17736. This is due to the fact that most laptops use an older operating system (XP).
This worked for years, but now we added new ud512 cables and they are not recognised by the sw.
Can we add a new driver or something or do we have to replace all laptops?
second question;
An MV of a client stopped working after upgrading to V3. Nothing works anymore.It says; not possible to connect. Device is in SAM-BA mode.
Can someone help me out?

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I can help you Harry, I will send you an email.

I also need some help with the SAM-BA thing

Hi Tony,

Submit an official support request. We will be able to send you the instructions through that channel.

@jack.moorhouse I am having the same SAM-BA for my new MV

Please fill out support tickets for all issues like this. This allows us to make sure we send the proper documentation. We avoid doing higher level support in the forum as every situation is different.

To also wrap up this thread, the new Chroma-Q UD512 devices will not work on older 2.3 versions of Vista. They are Vista 3 and up only.

I have an EX Board that will not connect properly after a Vista Software Update. The message I proceed to get: “Could not update EX/MV automatically” ‘It was not possible to identify the connected device model (device is in SAM-BA mode). Please contact support.’ The main system I use is on the Windows 10 platform and runs in console mode. I also get this message when plugging the board in our other lighting setups that also use the latest update of Vista V3 but on the macOS platform.

My main system is running Vista3 R3 build 21712.
I’ve only had this board for two weeks now.

Hi Christian,

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You just got your EX stuck during a firmware process that’s all. This can sometimes happen. It’s nothing to worry about the fix is super simple.

Can you submit a quick support form:

We can then send you the instructions from the official support side of things.


Thanks Jack! You guys rock!