Elation Rayzor 360Z Profile

Have current V3 release version running.

4 brand new Elation Rayzor 360Z fixtures - small frame intels w/ pixel mapping and continuous pan/tilt.

Having 2 issues w/ control in V3

  1. The continuous pan/tilt feature doesn’t have any speed control - they both work but at a “medium” speed…way slower than the fixture will do.

  2. There’s a channel for white color macros with presets from 2700K to 8000K. This control has no effect on the fixture. Can mix white by hand but the presets don’t seem to do anything

One thing that was initially a problem that I did solve was that out of the box they won’t dim up just using Vista…there’s a ‘master dimmer’ parameter that you have to run up to 65000 then make a Preset. After that they dim just fine.

UPDATE: color macro thing solved by careful reading of the DMX layout. Seems you use a different channel for dimming if you want to use the macros. Seems goofy but that’s Elation.

The speed for continuous pan/tilt i have partially solved by making a custom profile.

The problem is that the channel for continuous tilt, for example, has the right 4 DMX ranges but the fast->slow and slow->fast are set as ‘single value’ in the profile and need to be ‘range’

I changed all of them (pan and tilt) BUT the only one that responds is the first tilt direction (forward or clockwise). The other ones still do not work even w/ multiple pushes of the profile and restarting V3.

So, still need some help/tks

Another update…deleted this user profile and made a new copy of the factory one for the Rayzor but changed all the parameters i needed to in one edit…this time it works.

So the problem w/ the editor (or maybe V3 itself, can’t tell) is that it’s not really doing the regenerate or whatever so the software sees subsequent changes to the user profile.

Anyway, i’ve fixed it for my own purposes