Adding Virtual Intensity

I have several Tunable White (2ch) fixtures custom made in-house.

I’ve mapped them all correctly, inside of Vista, with control over each tempurature but we’re missing control over their intensity from the features pane. Each fixture lacks a dedicated intensity DMX channel, so how do we go about changing global intensity for each without messing with the individual color parameters? Is it as simple as adding a virtual intensity channel in patch (how would we do that) or is there something we’re missing?

Hi David,

Virtual intensity only works with color mixing systems. Tunable white is not in this world,

The best way to do this would be to create a 2 element fixture with a dimmer assigned to each element / channel. 1 dimmer for warm white, and another for cool white.

I have added your +1 to VST-3141 regarding virtual intensity with custom colors.