Vista V2 trying to patch fixture that doesn't have a profile

I am running an old version of Vista, version 2.3, on a 11-year old I3 console. It still works great, but I need to patch in a Chauvet Intimidator Spot 260 fixture and the fixture profile is not in my list of fixtures. Is there any way of getting a profile for it loaded?

Side note, I did try another fixture profile and everything works, almost. It’s a 14-channel profile and the only issue is the pan and tilt are extremely slow. There is a separate channel for Pan/Tilt Speed but I can’t see a way to change that value via Vista. If I could get past this issue then I think the other fixture profile will work ok.

Also, I should note that I cannot get into the fixture editor on my console. When I try, it must be glitching because it waits for a minute and then goes back to the menu.

Regarding the fixture “glitch” you are probably trying to import a Vista 3 profile into Vista 2.

The Vista 2 version of the fixture you need is:
Intimidator Spot 260 Vista (14.4 KB)

Although it sounds like you might have the correct profile already. The slow movement you mention is an old Vista 2 bug. You need to update the home preset with the “position Mspeed at 0”

@Robert_Price made a nice video on how to do this :slight_smile:


That worked perfectly, thank you !!!

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I’m looking for a V2 profile for the Chauvet Intimidator Spot 110. Do you have that one as well

@Jamaal_Solomon You are lucky. I think we do have that for Vista 2. :slight_smile:
Intimidator Spot 110 12 channel.fix2 (4.3 KB)
Intimidator Spot 110 6 channel.fix2 (3.3 KB)

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