Make Fader Control Tilt Time

Have some Elation Rayzor 360Z fixtures which have continuous pan and tilt.

Trying to make a cruelest with 2 steps - fast tilt and slow tilt then use the fader to crossfade between the two.

All I can do is fade between fast and slow as 2 extremes. I’m wanting to set the fast/slow limits then use the fader to smoothly adjust from fast to slow and back.

These are custom features of this fixture and, the factory profile doesn’t work so I made a custom one. I do have full control of the continuous features just can’t sort this fade function.


Try using one cue, put the speed at full in that cue, and make the cue time zero,

Then right click on the cue go to cuelist properties and change the fader type from intencity to all features, and then make it an auto play or auto play and release, put that cue on a playback and as soon as you move the fader you should have speed control!

TKS and great idea…but in this case it might be inhibited by the fact that the speed isn’t as simple as DMX=0 is fast and DMX=255 is slow.

Here’s the setup (same for it’s continuous pan on another channel):
0-127 no movement
128-189 tilt one direction fast to slow (so 128 really fast and 189 is barely moving)
190-193 no movement
194-255 tile other direction slow to fast (so 194 starts really slow in the opposite direction and 255 is full speed in that direction).

FWIW, the factory profile for this fixture is broken for the continuous pan and tilt features so if you try mocking it up you’ll need to change the DMX values for these 2 channels.

Tried to attach my profile but either this forum or my safari won’t let files w/ .fix2 extensions pass

update - in my first attempt to follow your instruction I set my tilt to 128 (first fast number) so it just went from DMX 0-128 I supposed so was just “still” then “fast”.

I just experimented with making my tilt to 255 (fast in the other direction) and it actually works…for both directions so fader in the middle is still - down is slow to fast in one direction, up is slow to fast in the other direction.

Auto-play (not auto play and release) is the right choice for the playback in doing this.

There IS some funk, though when you pull the playback down - if you do it slowly, it apparently moves through all of the DMX values properly so all the way down is fast (128). If you push it up quickly it does the other way full speed (DMX=255) but if you try to pull it down quickly it runs @ a medium speed until you move it up a little (slowly) then back down (slowly).

This happens to be about the speed that they move in the factory file - on the DMX window this ‘bottom’ number is inconsistent. Maybe there’s a user preferences setting for fader behavior that would help…I’ll play with that.

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