Duplicated Consoles


I am having a major problem loading Vista V3, when loading the software and turning ON the consoles (S1 and S3), V3 is seeing duplicated consoles so 2 x S1’s and 2 x S3’s and 1 version of each console has my loaded cuelists and the other versions don’t. I have tried loading the software and consoles in different orders and tried deleting the consoles with no cuelists but it doesn’t seem to work. Any ideas would be great.

Just to add onto my initial post, it seems that if I reopen the original V2 file and then save as into my V3 directory it will then open fine with the consoles but every file that i haven’t opened the original V2 version first it duplicates the consoles. Help please.

this seems like somthing to email support for, have you tried that yet?

I seem to have worked out that when opening a V2 show file and then saving as a V3 show file in a different directory it causes the duplicated console problem. If I save and not save as and have a copy of the V2 in the same directory first as where I want to save the new V3 version then its fine.