V3 autosave crashes

V3 will not open any of my auto save files. Every time it attempts to open, the program crashes.

Please send a copy of your autosave and an export of your logfiles to vistasupport@chroma-q.com.

Please quickly explain what was happening alongside detailing your operating system.

We cant recreate the issue on our own machines so would suggest it is local machine or showfile specific.

Im having trouble even getting V3 to let me into any of my show files. Ill send a screen recording shortly.

I did want to start a new thread, but another crashing issue I have discovered. It wont let me into any of my show files with out crashing, so I created a new show file and imported the patch.csv file. I reorganized my my layout, and created a few cues, and ensured played playback. I saved the file and quit vista. I open the same file a few minutes later, and the patch is completely gone. No fixture or cue data what so ever. I was able to replicate this multiple times.