Consoles being added to Universe List after each program launch

I am having an issue with Vista3 R1 build 18925.

Every time i launch the program, its virtually adds the same console S3/L3/I5 ( i don’t have attached) each and every program boot. The MV I do have is always being unassigned. For our usage, this is very frustrating for volunteers to have to manually erase the added console and then reassign the the universe output every time!

See Attached screen shots. Any known fixes?

I’m having this issue as well. Did you ever find a fix?

Build 18925 was a beta release and we identified and fixed this bug.

The current Vista public release build is 3.0.19088. Installing this version should solve your problem.
It can be downloaded by filling out the form here:

I have the latest build and the MV console will not connect. Is there a driver i need to download?