Vista 3 not responding correctly on a S1 console, Help!

In Vista 3.19088 ( Release 1 ) is very bugging in “play” mode. When we selected a cue on the console, it will automatically play that cue in the cuelist. And will not release the cue. The strange part is, Vista 2 works perfectly. Any ideas???

In V3 the 2 faders attached to the super playback have intensity and Cross fade attached to them by default, i think the bug is related to that

not saying this is a fix but try bringing the cross fader to zero and then change it to either a blank fader or an intensity, now clear the super playback, release all and now select a list and see if it works …

in the meantime send this to vista support with your showfile and logs

This has been fixed in R2 so if you are able you can update and give it a try in the new build.

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