V2 to V3 Effects Problems in Cue Lists (MAJOR issue)

I seem to have encountered a MAJOR problem as it relates to FX in cue lists created in a V2 session and now trying to playback in V3. I have posted videos to the FB Vista Group about this matter what it looks like in V2 and now in V3 as it is hard to describe… The rate at which FX are playing is slower and not the same rhythms, so I have to go into the FX and where it shows a REPEAT of 1 it needs to now be 2. Additionally I am not getting the same FX properties to playback, so I have to UPDATE certain fixtures and when I do that… lights go FULL INTENSITY. This is not an issue in new cue lists created in V3, but only in ones ported over from V2. Like I said, it is hard to describe but I can show you videos of what I’m referring to. This is a MAJOR problem.