Didn't have money for a console, but wanted a physical control surface... Some custom code and one launchpad later and I got this

Wrote the code for this over a couple hours. Left two columns function as “faders” (ok, it’s really just eight cuelists) - and the best part is that the LEDs on it are controlled over ACN, using just over 200 channels.


Neat! can see that being useful for colour palettes. especially if you can map command line syntax to the buttons, then colour them with your sACN control.

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Didn’t get an email notification for your reply, @peter.rubie, but unless I can map command line stuff to midi notes, I’m not sure how I’d do that… what I’m doing now is just using everything as play/release buttons on there.

Sorry, I was under the impression that you could record keyboard / keystroke macros to the keys. I realise now that’s not possible with the launchpad.

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@soccermitchy do you think you could show me how you started this process for mapping a custom controller?