Controlling vista 3 with x touch console

Can I connect my x touch modos controller to vista 3 and have it work like a console for it? Like will the motorized faders work and led screen show the cue names and stuff. I’m also on Mac

Vista currently supports triggering by Midi notes and MSC.

We hope to expand to supporting midi velocity in the near future, which is what I suspect the faders use on the XTouch.

So ik what triggering via midi notes is but what is MSC and what can i do with it?

The X-Touch controllers use either MCU (Mackie Control Universal) protocol where fader value is represented by MIDI pitch bend data for fader resolution of 16384, or MIDI CC (control change) messages with a fader resolution of 128 steps.

Almost all DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) support MCU for audio mixing. I believe the first affordable lighting control software to support MCU will have a huge competitive advantage.

Please let me know if I can help with further clarification.

so will my x touch be fully compatible with vista because its using MCU? Also will the led screens also change on my x touch to show the cue name and stuff

It doesn’t look like Vista currently supports MCU.
I was replying to jack.moorhouse and his comment about expanding Vista’s support for ‘MIDI velocity in the near future’ and let him know ‘what [he] suspect[s] the faders use’ will not work.
I have not found a lighting control package that supports MCU; if someone knows of one please let me know. I have found several lighting control packages that support DMX512 channel control through MIDI Control Change (CC) messages, but this limits the control resolution. CC messages range from 0…127 while DMX512 ranges from 0…255.