Cuelist with both audio and light cues

I’m new to Vista and need some help. I need to find a way to have a cuelist that can contain multiple cues with both audio and light movements.

For example, I need a cue with light movements then halt, then play a cue with audio, then have three more cues that have light movement that each halt, then have another cue with audio.

So far I have been able to get the first audio cue to play, but any audio cue after there has been a halt will not play in that cuelist. I’m making sure the audio is attached to the cue and not the cuelist. What am I doing wrong?

Just can’t get that scenario to work.

Hi! Now I tried to create a similar cuelist, everything turned out (if I understood your description correctly). The audio file must be exactly the length that the cue needs.

Hi, probably the best way to achieve this would be to make each audio file into its own cue list and then create a master playback cue list that you insert commands into, you can then in each cue tell it to play the cue list with the audio you want in it hold at the end and when you play the next cue it will trigger the next cue list for you. This also is good for if you want to change the order around at any point as all you need to do is change which list the play command is pointing to and you are done.

To insert a command in a cue list go up to the action bar across the top and click on tools and then you should see insert command, when you put it in the software will say it’s done it but you won’t see a difference and you will need to close down the tool menu.

Hope it helps.

Insert commands is a great way to do this. One thing I would add is that you can view/edit what commands you have inserted into a cue via the timeline window.

See page 183 of the Vista 3 R3 User Guide.