Audio syncing in a cuelist

Is there a way to add an audio file into the middle of a cuelist and have it run to the end of the list? I’ve added it into the beginning and it will run to the end, but I tried adding it to the middle and it automatically condensed the audio file into one cue. Any thoughts?

Short answer, no. Longer answer, you can add it to a cue itself but then that will be limited to only playing in that cue.

The better option is to add it to another cuelist and use commands to play that cuelist from the original list.

Ok, thanks for the feedback. Is there any chance that this could be added into a future update?

Since audio in the timeline is designed to be a programming aid vs. a playback system, I am not sure if this will be something possible on the cuelist level.

There are other improvements in the pipeline with regards to overall cuelist timeline control and programming.