Cuelist icon - go back

Pressing a cue icon on your virtual cuelist-window will play your next cue. How about a way to go back a cue. Feks holding Ctrl and pressing the cue icon?

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This already exists, probably a great time to take a look at the Vista User Guide. Page 220 (and 241)shows what each of the Cuelist transport buttons do. For example, Pause will go back when the list is not playing. This is global within Vista so it can be used on the consoles as well.

Hello and thanks for the quick reply.
My question was somewhat confusing.

I meant: if you have a virtual cuelist in a quick picker, you can activate to play a cue if you press the icon. Any way to go back from this position?


No. There is no way to go back from a quickpicker.
The quickpickers were not primariliy designed for console playback.

Thanks for the reply. Would be great if you could hold a button, press the icon and go back a cue :slight_smile:

To manage expectations, that is likely to never happen within quickpickers. Their foundations were never designed to do it and whatever we add to make it work would never be good enough.

You can achieve what you want to already with a virtual console.
(Or you can use some of the keyboard shortcuts to skip backwards)

A future version of Vista may however introduce a brand new feature that makes GUI playback much better :wink:


Thanks again for the reply.