Icon Color

Dumb question. What is the significance of the green icons vs the blue icons in the Cuelist Quick Picker?

Selected Cue

I’m sorry, but I’m still not following. If I release all the cues it stays green. Selecting any of the other cues in other cellists has no effect. What am I not understanding and thank you for your indulgence!

The green list is the current default cuelist.

User Guide page 140:

The Default Cuelist
There are some operations in Vista, such as storing / labeling or setting times to Cues from
the command line that operate on the “Default” Cuelist. If you have a hardware control surface
such as the Vista EX (or are using a virtual control surface in the Console window), the
Superplayback control section of the control surface works on the default Cuelist if there are
no Cues

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Ahh… Thank you.