Control Surface with USB over LAN Extender

We have an L5 that we need to have a remote control surface. (Console is upstair, control has to be on the main floor for now. I was thinking of getting a MV control surface and connect it through as usb over lan adapter to the L5 (the cabling distance would be over 500ft, but we do have ethernet to both locations.

I was looking at this product

Do you think this will work? I do not want to purchase all this equipment to find out it will not work.

Or you could use remote desktop into the L5

Vista has a pretty good remote/fail over system. I would suggest to try that. It pretty much pops up if you are on the same network with a machine running the same vista software.

In my case i use an extra macbook but i also tried it with a windows surface tablet on 5Ghz wifi. In many theaters there are ethernet connections like you discribe. I put my main machine on the FOH and connect it with a second machine on stage for focusing. You could then connect the mv to that machine and even see what you are doing.
(I would’nt suggest the wifi option for shows but it’s great for focussing and patching!)

In general there are(/where) a lot of problems with usb over ethernet and there is only limmited hardware really working with it. I can’t explain but my guess would be the signal and timings from the MV would probably be to complex to be recognized well on the other side. (I haven’t worked a long time with usb over utp, maybe time has changed but the fact that there isn’t very much good info and hardware available makes me think it isn’t a lot better nowdays). And again in my opinion, nowdays its easier to find an extra machine then to buy some hardware what might not work.

Correct if i’m wrong.