Adding a second UD512

If I want to add a second Univers, do I need a second USB-UD512? If so, does it need to be the Vista USB-UD512?

Vista only supports proprietary USB hardware. So yes, it has to be the UD512. It could also be a MV or EX control surface.

Alternatively it could be any third party Ethernet to DMX node on the market.

Disappointing, but understandable. It is a good thing I am looking into Ethernet to DMX options. Any recommendations?

By only supporting our own USB devices we ensure reliability and control. Puss we are not reliant on anybody else’s support or supply chain. There is no standard USB protocol.

Artnet and sACN are well defined Ethernet protocols, which of course then allows the use of third party hardware.

In theory any Ethernet to DMX manufacturer that conforms to these specifications will function with Vista.
Experience does however teach me that not all manufacturers are equal.
If you are going down the Artnet route, i’d recommend checking that the node supports Artnet 4.

My personal recommendation would be Luminex.
Make sure you read about their advanced functions… they can do so much more than simple Ethernet to DMX conversion. DMX redundancy, crossfading between sources / channels, internal backup scenes… emergency states… and so on.

I agree with and support Chroma-q’s limiting support for USB-DMX adaptors, it makes perfect sense. Thank you for the information on Artnet 4, I will look for this. Luminex will give me a starting point.