Use L5 as USB control surface

Hello all,

I have been debating the benefits of upgrading the L5 to V3 against the fact that the console is now 6 years old. I was wondering if it is possible to offload all the processing to an external Mac/PC and connect the L5 to it through USB. Similar to the way the EX/MV consoles connect. Has anyone attempted this or know if it is possible?

And also use the built-in touchscreen as a monitor for that computer as well if possible.

Just update the L5 to Vista 3 and therefore Windows 10 Pro.

The Windows OS + the SSD should make it feel like you have a brand new console. Performance is improved.

Why go to the trouble of attempting your original thoughts? It honestly does not make any sense.
If this still is not good enough for you, there is actually nothing to stop you replacing the motherboard/processor for a modern day equivalent. You would likely need to cut some metal work to make the new board fit, and re-loom some of the internal cables, but it would work and some users have already done it. This would be a far better option than making it a wing.

Go with the “standard” upgrade to Vista 3 though. You may be surprised by the difference.

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Ok, thanks. I wasn’t sure if the processor was too old. I don’t want to go through the hassle of replacing the motherboard/processor. I will try the Vista 3 upgrade as it was intended.

I recently ripped the dead motherboard out of my L5 and diverted all the usb components (console, trackpad, keyboard, touchscreen) and the DVI for the monitor out new faceplates in the rear panel. Works great with an external PC. The process is a touch more involved than what I described because of the power supply and whatnot, but it works well. Only downside is having a computer on the outside to deal with, but a NUC or Mac mini could fit inside

Obviously the better option is upgrading like Jack said. Just sharing an out of the box solution.

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I am going the upgrading route this week. However, I can’t get into the BIOS to tell it to boot to the USB drive. Is there something I am missing to get it to work?

I’m somewhat new to this. It was a dead CR2032 battery.