Wait time on a halt cue

add a pre/wait time on a HALT cue.
So if you want to Go a cue with a delay you could add this time just like with a follow cue

you can do this now - what you need a delay time

2 ways to do this

1- select your fixtures and the use the CMD hit Y for delay and then type your value so

Y, 10, Enter

this will delay all parameters for that fixture selection by 10s or you can delay selected parameters if you wish

ALT I,Y,10, Enter

ALT I for intensity
Y For delay
10 for 10s
Enter to complete

2- use the custom timing dropdown under your open list and add your delay time to your parameters fore the entire cue in my attached image ive got a 1s delay across all parameters in that cue and then a 5s time on the cue making the cue 6s total

yeah i know it’s possible but it feels like extra steps to do.

it would be much easier to do this exactly like with a follow cue to just add a time to the halt cue.