Convert from Version 2 to 3

We have been on version 2 for many years. New Mac OS seems to be causing issues so it looks like it is time to upgrade to version 3. We have several questions:

  1. What can we copy from V2 to V3? How?
  2. Is there a tutorial on changes from V2 to V3 for programmers, operators, etc?
  3. Are there any, “Be aware of…” or “I wish we had known…” things to share?

Thank you.

Hi and welcome,

What kind of issues are you having?

  1. V3 wil take what it needs as far as i know, it leaves a back / old folder of v2. Correct me if i’m wrong. I also left a copy of v2 and it still works on my mac. Just in case. You never know.
  2. There are general tutorials all over the internet.
  3. almost first post on the forum MacOS Catalina Status Update

Make a backup of all your showfiles just incase !

And when loading your showfile into V3 some people have found its easier to make a new blank showfile and then merge everything across from the old one !

Once you are loaded into V3 check all your user preferences etc

And go to patch and make sure your connect universes tab is set up correctly

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As Rob said, creating a new blank show and using Merge in the File menu to bring over the data can work quite well. This also lets you do a bit of housekeeping at the same time by choosing to not bring over old cuelists and other unneeded items from the old show.