I3 select button and release issues

Just installed the Vista 3 software on our i3. Here are the glitches we’re seeing:

  1. The select button plays the first cue live but doesn’t show it as playing on the playback window.
  2. Hitting release from this condition initially releases it, then plays it live again.
  3. Sometimes the cuelest will release at the end with play, sometimes it won’t.

Cuelest properties are setup with:
play at end option - release
fader auto play - none

Has anyone else seen this behavior with the new software?

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Hi Matt,

I think all of your points might be related to a single bug.

Do you have the superplayback in cuelist mode (not intensity poistion colour gobo beam etc) ?
If you put the crossfader to 0% does this solve the problem of the select button playing the cue?

Remember, the forum isn’t the best place for reporting these sorts of issues. Please submit an official support request and attach a copy of your showfile that exhibits the problem.


You are spot on with your analysis. It was indeed the crossfader that had been pushed up. Very embarrasing.



Don’t be embarrassed, that behavior shouldn’t happen. It is a bug.

We have fixed it and the fix will be rolled out within the next update.

When will this new update occur? We are having the same issue on our L5.

There is no time frame that I can currently commit to . We have added some small new features and are continuing to add improvements to the existing feature set, because of this we need to ensure the software is appropriately alpha and beta tested before releasing. We are however making great progress.

As mentioned in the other thread …If you set the crossfader to 0% (or disable it if you are not using it) you will not encounter the problem discussed.