Issue releasing cuelists

We are running Vista 3 19088 on an L5 console and since updating to Vista 3 we have been having issues with releasing cuelists. When I release some cuelists, the cuelist releases but then it fires again and jumps to the middle of that Cuestack. The play button associated with that cuelist blinks green like the pause has been played. The cuelist is still outputting information but now it does not respond to further release commands. If I actually play the cuelist again it sometimes will release but usually just jumps to somewhere in the the cuestack.

I rebooted the console and was not able to replicate the issue so maybe it is a memory issue after multiple edits are made.

Update. I was back at the venue today and after talking with another operator we uncovered another related issue, or maybe the same issue and a more reliable way of triggering the issue. We found that ‘selecting’ a cuestack not only selected that cuestack, but also played the first cue. This is not the expected or desired response. Then while that cuestack is still selected, when we try to release it, the cue stack will release, but after completing the release, it jumps to the next cue in that cuestack. This is completely unacceptable and seems like a huge crutch to have to work around.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?

As mentioned, this is a bug (that has already been fixed in an upcoming release) to do with the crossfader. If you set the crossfader to 0% (or disable it if you are not using it) you will not encounter the problem.

We are running the lastest update of V3 and are experiencing the same issues in the middle of service. Any patches/fixes/workarounds?

Is this reproducible? What build number (found in ‘About Vista’) are you running?
Please provide your showfile to support with steps on what you are doing.