Vista 3 Networking Not Working

Today I wanted to try networking together two computers running Vista, but Vista keeps crashing on the auxiliary device. Here’s what I’m doing:

I have two Macs running Vista V3.R3.21755 on the same network. I have Vista open on my master computer, so when I open Vista on the second computer, it gives me a pop up saying that another console has been detected. Then on the master computer, I’m prompted to “Sync Show” with the other computer. When I click “Sync Show”, both computers show a pop up that says “Initializing playback…”. After about 3 seconds, Vista crashes on the auxiliary computer.

Both devices are on the same network. I can ping each device from the other using terminal without any issues.

Any suggestions of how to fix this?

Submit a support request Drew.

We have been making some improvements to tracking backup. We have a build currently in private beta that you could try, to see if this helps you.

Thanks Jack! I submitted a support request.