Tracking Backup Help

I’m trying to set up a tracking backup system with a Mac mini running Mojave as the Main and a MacBook running Big Sur as the Aux. Both machines are running R3. I have them both connected to the same network via a network switch. I’ve tripled checked IP addresses. They are both on the same network ID with different host IDs, and I can ping the Macs from one another via Terminal. However, when I open Vista on the Aux Mac, a tracking backup notification doesn’t pop up on the Main Mac like the manual says should happen. The Aux Mac also doesn’t show up under the Tracking Backup menu option. What am I missing?


Hi Liam,

There could be quite a few things getting in the way. If my next comments don’t help, you may wish to submit a support request so that we can help you through the official channels.

  1. I’d recommend installing public beta #3. We have made a number of improvements to tracking backup. This won’t solve the issue of making each of your machines see each other, but it would likely improve the next step of actually synchronizing shows.

  2. Disable Wifi if it isn’t already and make sure that your LAN network adaptor is at the top of your network connections within the MacOS network settings.

  3. Go to Vista user preferences > network tab > press choose interface and reapply the IP address / network interface that you expect to be using > restart both applications.


I don’t intend on installing a new build of vista halfway through tech week, and I’ve already tried your other two suggestions. Looks like I’ll be submitting a support ticket.