Problem connecting two consoles

Hello !

I have a rather strange problem - I’m trying to connect the EX set to a second computer where I have 2xM1. The entire show was done on an EX computer and I wanted to connect a second computer with M1 as a backup. When EX is as main and tries to synchronize the show, the computer with M1 receives the message “USB Device Disconnected” and the computer hangs. If I do the opposite - i.e. I try to synchronize the same show but running it initially on a computer with 2xM1 (this computer is set as MAIN), then everything is fine. It looks as if at the time of synchronization Vista was looking for the connected EX, and since it is not there, everything it’s breaking down.
System Windows 10
Vista 21919

Tracking backup is a bit of a bear right now. Your best bet is to copy the show manually between the machines using a USB drive and try running them separately at first. This will make sure that both sets of surfaces are saved in the show.

There aren’t any issues with show files having virtual consoles that are not connected. That is fairly standard so the change in surfaces between the machines should not be a problem.

Unfortunately, this connection behaves quite strangely. I have the same show on both sets, running from a pendrive. As I mentioned, starting from the EX set l throws the message from the attachment and the software hangs. This can be done with the M1 set and I manually switch Failover so that Ex is as main. Unfortunately, here’s another problem because it happens when you disconnect the EX, the M1 set has a rating of N/A and, as it is undefined, it does not send anything to artnet. Currently, the only way to have a reliable backup is two independent consoles with the same show, but only one connected to the system.

here a few questions to try and help you further:
What kind of network are you running? is it just those 2 machines? does it have a router or only a (managed) switch or machine to machine?

Does this also happen with a newly created show? you could try to create a new show and import everything you need from the old show file.

Are you really sure both vista softwares are the same build number?

Can you update both instances to a newer version to be sure that its not a version bug? (vista 21919 sounds like a pretty old version so i would recommend an update anyway)

Thanks for showing interest !

Previously, I connected two consoles without any problems, however, that was quite some time ago. I’m going on a big tour again and a backup is necessary.
I’ll start from the end - unfortunately I know a few problems with the R4 version and with the current concerts I can’t afford such problems - the one that is installed, although not without flaws, is safe.
There is the same compilation on both computers (I also tested it on 3 computers in one network) - the same problem every time, whether it is a new show or a previously created one.
Computers are connected to the switch without management.

Well thats really troublesome.
What i would try as a last resort if you didn’t already. Just for checking if it really is a problem with the surfaces:

Connect the ex and open the show on pc 1
Disconnect the ex and manually ad the m1 in the console window on pc 1.
Connect to your network and try the connection without the ex connect. If that works reconnect the ex.

If its really a bug with the consoles You could also remove the consoles all togheter in your shows try to let the software talk with each other and if thats working reintroduce the EX and m1 after that.

Also tripple check your ip settings especially if they are static. have different ip’s but same range and same subnet (this is very basic advice but I really can’t say it enough. As an example i had a space once copy’d in to the ip range and it took me a day to find that invisible error)

As for disconnecting EX and M1’s and connecting computers without wings, I will be able to check it only in a week. The IPs are definitely good, as is the subnet mask. The connection in the “other direction” (when the computer with M1 is as main and I connect EX) starts as I wrote in the first post, and I also use both consoles at concerts and they work. Additionally, I will also add an important piece of information - if you use EX (or other wings) and the installation is as Console Mode and the other computer is as a regular Windows installation and you have to run Vista manually, you must enter the default gateway in the Desktop version ( if You use static IP and you connect two computers only via a switch ) !!! If it is not specified, Vista blocks artnet outputs after connecting a second console!!! Personally checked and confirmed.