Locked in cue

We are running vista 3 on Mac via the JANDS M1 console. We have a cue list for our service and a wall switch for presets in case of emergencies. We are currently stuck in our communion cue but the presets are still working via the wall switch. When we try to progress to the next or previous cue via the playback menu, the Mac indicates that the cue has progressed but the lights do not change. Please help

Hi Jonathan,
There isnt really enough information to troubleshoot in your post. You may wish to submit an official support request on our website.

Do you have anything in your “live” programmer? - if so press “clear”.
Do you have any other cuelists contributing or holding the stage state?

Press “view > add dockable window > output view”. Right click this window and select “source” mode. Where are your lighting events coming from within Vista?

What merging policy is in place between Vista and the wall plate?
DMX signal loss / priority ? Or HTP or LTP?