How Do I Assign a Fixture to Universe 3 if I have two Universes?

I just got ahold of a second dongle to get some extra channels, running it with an MV. From my best understanding, I have two universes to work with, And these would be split at each of the two DMX ports on the back of the console.

So I have several 36 channels hex bars that all share the same address to save channel count. I added another dongle(256) to my 512, So now how would I add anything past Universe 2 to patch more fixtures?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Jordan,

I assume you are talking about physical output ports of DMX? You have 2 on the MV. If you want a third physical output you have the following options:

Any Vista hardware, so UD512, another MV, EX etc etc.

Ethernet to DMX:
Any third party Ethernet to DMX device. (For example a Luminex Luminode 1)

Your post is a little confusing.
For more physical outputs there are a lot affordable artnet nodes on the market from 2 to 8 outputs.

But if you have 768 channels (1 and a half universe) from your dongles you wouldn’t really need a third universe unless you can’t patch one of the universes because there are house lights on it for example.

You can use as many universes in vista as long you keep within your channels ( so you could patch 1 channel in 100 universes if you want)

Hi, forgot to update on the post. Yeah, I can’t access Universe 1 easily, so we got an ethernet based node to go from DMX to CAT5. and then back out to DMX on stage. All works fine, thanks.