UD512 USB to DMX Interface

Hello I have a UD512 USB to DMX Interface that I have used successfully with wiFly. I am now trying to connect it to a W-DMX S-1 box and have not success. I successfully can connect my Vista S1 and am able to control lights through it. When I switch to the UD512 I get the blue blinking light on the dongle but no control. I do have connections to the universe and show 512 dmx channels available. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Go to patch, and then connect universes you may need to assign a universe to it

It is connected to a universe and It works fine connected to ADJ wifly transmitter. It does not work connected to a W-DMX S-1 transmitter.

then you might need to cycle your transmitter i have used the WDMX ones and when connecting a line to them you need to cycle them (hold the red button on the front for a few seconds)

aslo make sure its set to TX not RX