Touch Screen Icon color

We have finally updated our I3 to run V3. Big day for us. Now we have two touch screens and I am running into a few hurdles in setting up the desk the way I think would be most useful. The main issue or desire is to have organized quick picker windows.

First is there a way to get the touch screen icons to layout in a specific geographically order. I thought this would have worked with the grid setting, but I can’t move them around in that setting.

Because I can relocate the icons I have chosen to make blank place holder groups. Which is fine, but it would really be handy if we could change the colors of them. Or really do anything to these icons to show they are blank. I would do this with icon images, but that does not seem to work on the touch screen icons. Im open to any ideas I can use in the short term.


You can drag and drop the components around. Just gold GREEN or the ALT key to do this. You will end up with exactly what you want.


Regarding the colouring components… coming soon in the next release.

Oh that is great! I was trying to figure out how to move those icons. This will work in “touchscreen mode” correct?

Three more touch screen questions. How to “right click”? I assume this is a modifier key I have not found.

Also, when I save a preset, the dialogue box to name the preset opens on the primary screen, is there a setting to get it to open on the screen I am saving the preset?

Lastly, how about a Dockable window we could add buttons like, “new, open, Store part, store all, Clear, stealth, ect.” and put that window anywhere. Is that possible?


This video might help with layouts etc …

Regarding the rightclick. This is usually an option of Windows. You will be able to adjust this if you go to the Pen and touch options. Set “press and hold”.


You can already float the “edit” toolbar, you just cant dock it.

Thanks, I will try and figure that out in windows. I am not sure what these buttons are called, so let me show you a photo. What are these buttons called? If these are floatable then how do I float them? It would be cool if they were, it would allow me to put any menu item anywhere on the touch screen.