Change new preset "label as icon" button and text color?

Is it possible to change the button and/or text color for the new “label as icon” preset buttons?

The white text on a couple of the default button colors is somewhat hard to read for me.

Maybe you can try under view-windows themes

I did. I tried several different ones in there which I thought might do it, but all of the ones I tried changed other things. Not the “label as icon” buttons.

The label as icon colors are fixed colors to also match the backlighting on the console playback and screens. There is a standard to all of the component colors to it is constant across the entire console. We may have to take a look at the text colors though if some of the text is hard to read.

Which ones in particular are troublesome?

Ah, that makes sense @ben.coleman.

The brightness - high (HSV) ‘value’ - of the light blue on the Preset buttons was making it a little difficult to read the white text, but I was able to adjust the contrast and brightness on my laptop screen to make it much more readable. I noticed when I loaded it on my all-in-one (newer, with better quality screen) that I didn’t have trouble reading the text, so it’s probably more a function of my laptop’s age and screen quality.

The only other one I noticed was a little difficult as well was the FX Masters buttons. Adjusting the contrast and brightness for my laptop screen also helped with that one.

I’m fine now, but if you all decided to take the (HSV) ‘value’ of the “label as icon” buttons down a notch or two I wouldn’t complain. :wink:

But either way maybe this post will help others, to suggest to them to try adjusting the contrast and/or brightness of their screen if their experiencing what I was.