Show Previous Icon Color on Edit

I like to color the groups in my showfile. Usually I have a color in mind for each group. After I set the color and close the Icon Color window, I often realize that the color I chose wasn’t quite what I was envisioning, so I’ll decide I want to go adjust the color slightly. The problem is, when I go to change the icon color, the Icon Color box doesn’t show what the previous color was - it simply defaults to white.

Suggestion: when you open the Icon Color box, show the previous color of the icon.

The color selected in this box would default to whatever the current color of the icon is.


Id go one further

Could we have something like this ?

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And the ability to remove an icon colour

Unless I’ve missed it somewhere

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That would be even better! (I usually use light blue for spots, orange for pars, etc. so I could simply save my favorite colors to that area!)

To use this, would you choose a color as usual and then right click in the “Save Color” area to add a new color? (Maybe right click and you can “Add New Color”, “Update Color”, or “Delete Color”?)

As in set it back to the default color? Or to no color at all? Or do you mean remove a color from that Saved Colors picker?