Stealth Mode Problem

Hi I have noticed when we are in stealth mode the console behave normal and the programming is not visible. The moment we create a cuelist the stealth mode gets deactivated (the console shows stealth mode is active) and the programming is visible.

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Hi Becket,

Vista is actually behaving as intended. Perhaps I can help to clarify:

“Stealth” mode only affects the programmer. (Which you can think of in terms of a programmer cuelist for the purpose of this explanation.)

Stealth mode is basically “Q-view” for the the programmer.
When stealth mode is active in the programmer and you press “new cuelist” (which then opens in the editor), this cue is played into. Therefore, if you then program events into this cue, you will see live output on stage.

The only way to stop this would be to step backwards (stop playing the new cuelist), program your new look (Q-view will automatically engage at this point). Then press play on the cuelist to output this first cue.
You may actually notice that when Q-view is deactivated, when you press “new cue”, the cue is automatically played into. When Q-view is activated, when you press “new cue” the cue is not automatically played into. The intention here is that you can program blind, using Q view, and then press pay on the cuelist, when you are ready to transition into the new cue.

I think there is probably a good argument for the following improvement:
"If “Stealth” is active in the programmer and the user presses “new cuelist” - do not automatically play into that cue.
This would then most likely work as you originally expected.

I will ask the question.
And if any other user thinks this would be a terrible or good idea, feel free to comment or +1.


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I can confirm that this is now logged as VST-5518.
I had a chat with the developers about it. It would be fairly easy to implement. We will see if we can add it to a future version of software :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you Jack