Release All Cuelists when shutting down

I’m at a church and dependent on volunteers. So I’m not here all the time I rely on these volunteers to shut down the various events. Recently I have had several volunteers leaving cuelists active such as house lighting. Then late at night I get calls from security telling me they cannot figure out how to get lights off.

I would love an optional (user preference) Release All command that was automatically fired when closing the Vista Application. This would prevent any active cuelists from holding their DMX values indefinitely. Maybe also give an option in the Cuelist Preferences to ignore this command. That way it’s more dummy proof for the volunteer that simply forgets to release items.

Have you looked at making a timed event/cuelist that would do a ‘release all’ command at whatever time in the evening on a particular day?

As long as Vista is running (which seems to be the problem!) it will run the cuelist per the schedule you set.

Look in the menu under Tools/Date and Time Events.

I use day and time events a good bit, but that doesn’t help me if the user logs out or shuts down the computer/console.

So…you’re saying that they just quit Vista but because they don’t ‘release all’ the fixtures are still thinking they’re supposed to be ‘on’ ?

exactly. Volunteers have gotten really bad about leaving cuelists active and faders up. This only happens when I’m not there because I remind them every event when I’m on site.