Spacebar acts as Play on open cuelist

I’ve just discovered this new feature in the Playback preferences window:

It’s really useful when working away from the console. Thumbs up for that!

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Hands up for those people who don’t read the release notes :stuck_out_tongue:

I am also personally a big fan of this feature.

You may have already found it, but:

  • CNTRL + Spacebar acts as Pause/Play backwards
  • SHIFT + Spacebar releases the cuelist.

That’s great! I love to have shortcuts on the keyboard.

Testing this features I see that CNTRL + Spacebar doesn’t acts as Pause/Play backwards but as Skip Back instead, wich is also good to have.

Pause/Play would be very nice.

Are you on Windows or Mac? What sort of keyboard / keyboard preference or launguage do you have ?

I can promise you Pause/Play backwards is implemented.

What happens if you press CNTRL +ALT + Spacebar ? ( I forgot to mention that his should be skip backwards)

I’m on a 15" macbook pro last generation with spanish-ISO keyboard.

I’ve just tried changing my preferences to English US and English UK Keyboards and I have the same results.

CNTRL +ALT + Spacebar does also skip backwards.

Ok. I think I found the problem.

On the mac, I have the system preference CMD+Spacebar for Spotlight.

I’ve just disabled it and so CMD+Spacebar does now Pause/Play

So, on the Mac:

  • CMD + Spacebar acts as Pause/Play backwards
  • CNTRL + Spacebar acts as Skip Backwards
  • SHIFT + Spacebar releases the cuelist.