Snapshots saving Fader Levels?

Maybe I’m doing something wrong (or misunderstanding the feature).

I set the faders on my virtual console to the level I need. I include ‘Fader Levels’ when I save the Snapshot. But later when I select the Snapshot the levels of the faders in my virtual console do not return to the level they were when I saved the Snapshot.

Hi Joel,

How are you determining the snapshot isn’t recalling fader levels? Are you expecting the virtual faders to move? If so, this will not happen. The virtual faders will be representative of where the physical fades are (assuming you haven’t manually moved the faders in the virtual view).

What you need to look out for is the fader level value found in the bottom right of the LCD.

In my example my physical faders are at 0% but I have just recalled a snapshot that sets the values you can see in the screenshot below. In this case the intensity values will flash to indicate that I need to bring the faders physically up to that level to take control of them once again.

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Ah! That makes sense!

I was misunderstanding what I should expect to see. But that makes perfect sense now that you say it.

Thanks @jack.moorhouse.