Audio level

I’ve got a cuelist with sound added to it. I was wondering if there is a way to scale the volume level of the audio file to the fader intensity. That way if i play and release the cuelist with the fader the audio fades in and out in sync with the lights and the fader level. Never needed to do this untill now that i have a upcomming project where I would love something like this and not be dependend on running faders in sync on two consoles at the same time
I believe it’s not possible, but maybe I’m just missing something hiding away somewhere or someone has a great tip or trick

Change the cuelist property fader type from “intensity” to “all features” :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried this but when fading the fader down to release the cuelist the music volume wont go down. It just suddenly stops when the fader hits 0%

Sorry Mick, I completely misread your original post. I didn’t realise that the adio was embedded directly in VIsta. You are correct that there is no way to have this audio mix fade with the fader (there is no virtual sound mixer within Vista). I thought you were controlling the audio clip from an external media server, in that scenario the audio would fade out with “all features” if the appropriate audio DMX channel was programmed into the cue.

Ah okay,
That is a pitty :frowning: Could you add this for me to a possible feature request?
I was trying to make some easy ‘‘Party buttons’’ for the european world cup that starts next week.
Even better would be that the audio fade out is linked to the release timing that way it could work with a toggle button orso.