Additional faders in console view?

Hi there, we recently upgraded to Vista 3. For an upcoming festival we are hosting, I’m wanting to create approx 25 different lighting states that competitors can have access to and we can “busk” as the show is called.
With Vista 2 I was able to do this in the console view as it had a number of faders I could assign each state to and could then fade up/down and add to states as required. With Vista 3, (as we also now have a S1 desk) I don’t have access to as many interactive faders on one page. Is there a way I can change the console view back to the view with a number of faders instead of the S1 console view?
I understand I can stack lighting states on different pages, but I do need them on separate faders (not pages) in order to do what we need to do for the festival.
Thanks in advance!

You can add multiple virtual consoles?
3 MVs below

You can also trigger cuelists from quickpickers (if this option is enabled within the picker settings).
The blue icons in this screenshot are cues.
Pressing it once plays it.
Pressing it for the second time releases it (because i changed the cuelist property “play at end” to “release”

Thanks Jack! I’ve created the virtual consoles, added my lilghting states onto the selected faders and they’re working well independantly. What I’m now finding is that some of the cues are over riding a previous cue. e.g. I pull up a full stage wash and add in a red cyc, which then over rides the full stage wash even though the fader is up and the “play” is on.
Is there somewhere in settings where the cues are set to over ride each other?

If you have programmed this correctly, this shouldn’t happen. Cuelists will only “override” each other on an LTP basis if each individual list contains contain programmed events for the same fixture.

If you edit your red cyc cuelist and take a look at the timeline view I would suggest that there will be programmed events in there for the full stage wash. The solution is simply to delete these unwanted events out of this cuelist and the two will then play nicely over the to of each other.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: