RGB Color Value setting (or Color Temperature setting)

Hopefully this is not as complicated as it seems.
My problem is that I need to set the color temperature of several lights that do not have a predetermined value in the features tab.
The cameras like 3500K, so I was going to set some of the backlight light fixtures to that value at request of the video guy (I’m lighting). But the question is how?
I was initially going to set the RGB values to what I found online to represent 3500K (I’m sure it’s not a perfect representation of 3500K, but hopefully close enough for backlight) and save that as a color preset so it could be applied to any fixture in the future. But found that the RGB values in the Features, color tab are all 0-100 rather than 0-255.
I’m wondering 1. Is there a different approach that makes more sense and works? 2.If this is a decent approach, do I take the 0-255 values and convert them to 0-100 values?

Below is an image of the Features panel with the color tab selected. The DMX values would be inputted into the area circled in blue.

You can do this in the Custom (raw dmx) area just below this. There you can set the display to be in either DMX (0-255) or Units (1-100). The only issue with this is you can’t create a global color preset when using this section.

If you want to keep using the generic picker and be able to create global presets then a manual conversion from DMX to % would be needed and input in the area you selected.

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Thanks! That should do it