Dimmer Curves

I have 60 of the H2 FC fixtures and was wondering if there is a way to build us a custom Fixture Profile for the fixture? I want a specific color temperature that the fixture doesn’t have.

Here’s what I have done. I have set RGBAL Values that I like for our room at 100 but lower the fixture’s intensity. The RGBAL values shift, causing the light to look cooler. Not that the light isn’t cool enough, lol. So, in short, the CCT changes with intensity, which I do not want to happen. Is there also a way to build your own dimmer curve for RBGAL. Thanks

No there is not.
Ideally it should be the fixture manufacturer that makes sure their fixture’s don’t color shift when dimmed.

What you could do though is make some percentage presets within Vista that include both intensity and color. This way when you press one of those the color will be to your liking.