Release Command bug

Not sure if it’s affected more commands, but I discovered it when I ran 3.0 for a live show for the first time.

Intensity FX in 1 cuelist, Release command in another cuelist. Each with 2s cues. I use this when busking live, and I have a cuelist called Release with all the release commands in it. It’s set to restart when played at the end.

In 3.0: If the 2s release cue is played from it’s released (inactive) state, it will trigger the release command as normal. If the release cue is greater than 0s, it will cause released cuelists to snap off / ignore custom release timing - BUT - only if the cue is restarted/played at end.

So to sum it up:
2s Release cue = Bad
0s Release cue = Good.

Thanks Cam

I would suggest the command is double triggering. The behavior is the same as if you would double press release all.

Snapping release is a feature on a double press, it probably shouldn’t do it in your example though.

Added as a bug to the Vista database BZ#7509