Random Behaviour from Moving Lights

Hi All,

I need urgent assistance, this is not V3 software related. We have 6 Martin Rush MH7 Hybrids which we have had for nearly 2 years now. I have never had any issues except for during a show last night. They were being used in the Wash mode to light up actors on stage for a Drama Production. So they were just sitting is a set position with the intensity fading up and down. Just before the show they did a random 360 degree rotation without any prompting from an operator. It happened again midway through the second half of the show. I have checked all connections and hardware and only think it is a software glitch? I did notice that the volunteer operator had their iPhone charging from the USB port right next to the ones with our licence dongle and cable connected to our S3 and S1 consoles. I have never had any problems in the 8 years of running V2 however I have never had any USB powered device plugged into the iMac socket other than the dongle and Console connection cable before. Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated to prevent it happening again.

Hi Nathan,

Do you have any other fixtures connected to Vista? If so do they also fault or do they stay solid?

What happens once the hybrids flip? Do they stay in that new position (if so how long for?) whendo they return to their previous position?

I assume you had a cuelist for the production. If you play through the cuelist again can you repeat the behavior? Do you have any other cuelists stored that could adjust the position?

The best thing you can do is to actually email vistasupport@chroma-q.com.
Include a copy of your showfile.

If you ever see something like this, add a message to the log files under the help menu. When you next have a few moments export the logs and send them to support. The log files contain a lot of information as to what was pressed etc.

This sounds extremely unlikely that it is a software glitch, the problem is far too controlled and specific.

My Martin Rush MH6 fixtures are misbehaving since adopting the beta as well. I’ve got several units that don’t want to render color correctly and will will just start flipping through the ‘color wheel’ at a rapid pace while they transition.