PVP3 parameter on a fader

Hey all. I’m using Vista to control PVP3 over the network. I’d like to put the PVP3 Layer Opacity on a fader… currently I have to access it via Custom → Intensity → Opacity.

I’ve tried putting the PVP3 Layer group on a fader but it doesn’t work, I assume because Vista doesn’t see the Opacity as the actual Intensity of the fixture. Help :smiley:

Image 5-25-23 at 8.47 PM

The easiest thing would probably be to program a cue with “opacity” then change the list property fader type from “intensity” to “all features”. That will then function as you expect.

Alternatively you could edit the fixture, delete opacity and add it back as “intensity”.

Adding to what Jack mentioned, I use the “all features” technique a lot for hazers. When running a show, if I patch a fixture profile for a hazer, typically the haze amount channel is under custom. So I’ll create a cuelist, set haze amount to 100%, and then I’ll have to go set the fader type to all features, so that the fader will actually control the haze amount. Then I can patch it to a fader on my console and boom, I’ve got a haze fader.