Pan/Tilt Degree option

It would be nice if you could additionally to DMX and Unit Values, also set degree Values for Pan/Tilt Fixtures.
The Advantage would be that you can create Global Presets with lets say 45° Pan and apply it to different fixture types, regardless of there Maximum Pan Range.

The Math behind it is rather simple:
(MaxDMXValue / 2) + ((MaxDMXValue / 2) / MaxPanRange * X°) = DesiredDMXValue

For a Pan in the other direction you just have to change the degree to a nagitive Value and it still works.

Would be nice to see that Feature


Yes, and doing an offset when everything is hung sideways would be much nicer. Just put in 90 degrees and its done

+1 would love to see this.

It is a great idea however it is much more involved than you would imagine. This would require the fixture profile itself to understand the relationship between the DMX value and the physical degrees. This would have to be done for each individual fixture profile which currently does not exist in the fixture editor. We do have plans for a complete rebuild of the fixture editor so I can put that on the list for that rebuild. It will be a big job and there is no timetable for that right now though.

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Yes that would be the best way and a lot of work.

You could also make it a patch transform.
The user should specify the degrees for a fixture in the patch him self what would be cumbersome but you would not need to change/add to every fixture ever made for vista and makes the feature available faster.

+1 for degrees